Permanent Scarring Injury Attorney in Carrollton, Texas

Scars are a physical reminder of your injury, and can be painful both physically and emotionally. They are a constant reminder of the pain from a serious accident. Often irreversible, scars can significantly impact your well-being and quality of life after a car wreck or accident.

A Scar is More than “Pain and Suffering”

If you have a scar from an accident related injury, the insurance company may try to lump your scar in with “pain and suffering” damages, but a scar is more than that. Call or text Carrollton Injury Law today if you have a permanent scar from and accident that was not your fault.

If you have been injured in an accident and have suffered a scar or other permanent disfigurement, it is important to get medical treatment first. After you meet with your doctor, please call or text Carrollton Injury Law today for a FREE injury claim evaluation. We will show you how we put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.

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