Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

You have been injured, but how do you know if you should hire a personal injury attorney? You may think you can work with the insurance company on your own, but remember that they are for-profit businesses trained to pay out as little as possible. A personal injury attorney has the experience and resources to help you get the most compensation for your injuries and the know-how to make sure you are making all the possible types of claims that apply to your injury and damages.

First, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Have you been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, or drunk driving accident?
  2. Have you been injured from slipping or tripping and falling down, a dog bite, or do you have a permanent scar resulting from an injury?
  3. Do you have the time and resources to deal with insurance companies on top of your daily responsibilities?
  4. Even if you have the time (and patience) to deal with the opposing insurance company, how will you know the offer being made to you for this huge interruption of your entire life is a fair offer?

It is the answer to the fourth question that makes all the difference. 

If the accident injury is not affecting your usual life routine, then you likely do not need to hire an injury attorney.  At Carrollton Injury Law, the initial claim evaluation call is free, and if we decide not to work together, we will give you some pointers as to how to handle the injury claim yourself. 

However, if the accident injury is affecting your sleep, affecting your job, affecting your family, or decreasing your quality of life at all, then it is highly likely that you need an injury attorney involved, the sooner the better.

You’ve been injured in an accident, now what?

No matter how you sustained your injuries, get medical treatment as soon as possible. Getting medical treatment puts you on the road to recovery faster, as well as establishes documentation to the opposing insurance company via medical records that you have an injury with pain and limitations.  If you wait to go to the doctor, then the insurance company will presume you were not hurt in the accident.

Need a doctor? We can help you find medical experts that will not charge you up front for the care you need now. They will agree to receive payment once we reach an injury settlement on your behalf.

Contacting a personal injury lawyer ASAP, like Carrollton Injury Law, can help expedite the payment of your claims – and remember, you do not pay us until we win. There is no up-front cost to hire us and never anything out of your pocket. 

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

You may think it would be easy to handle your injury claim on your own, or that the insurance company will take care of you. Make no mistake, insurance companies are businesses seeking to make profit. They are looking to make the most money possible, which means paying out as little as possible in insurance claims. A personal injury lawyer uses their expertise to efficiently gather data and evidence to demand the insurance companies pay what the client deserves so the insurance company does not profit further at your expense.

How is Carrollton Injury Law different?

At Carrollton Injury Law, we put Personal back into Personal Injury Law. Our ultimate goal is to give you the personal attention you need to help make sure that you have a speedy recovery and obtain the absolute best compensation possible. We believe that consistent communication leads to a more efficient and more successful financial recovery in the end, so we want to be continually informed about your treatment for painful injuries, your limitations in life due to someone else’s negligence, your lost wages, your disfigurement or scarring, your permanent impairment, and your pain and suffering in the past and future. All of this information is vital to the successful handling of your personal injury claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of an accident, please call or text Carrollton Injury Law today at 972-360-9898 for a FREE injury claim evaluation. We look forward to showing you how we put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.

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Jami Smith
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Carrollton Law Firm rocks! They took the time and care to make sure that I received the medical attention needed for the vehicle accident I was in. Everyone team member I interacted with was sincere and courteous and really cared about making sure that I received everything I needed to recover fully. Carrollton Law Firm went to bat for me and hit it out of the park! I will not hesitate to call them if I ever need a personal injury law firm again. The entire team went above and beyond and EXCEEDED my expectations. Thank you!
carrie lachance
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Wonderful experience from the moment of walking in, they make you feel so welcomed. The little details of even putting your name on the whiteboard welcoming you. All along the way they keep you informed on the progress, asking detailed questions to get the full picture of your individual needs. The team you're assigned, all work together to make a stressful and scary situation easy to deal with. Kelsey, Aaron and Abraham ate the best!! Thank you again 💓.
Gabby Jaramillo
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Amazing staff. They were able to help my dad with his case and were patient with him. I appreciate how easy it was to communicate by text when I was at work, and always kept me updated with his case. I definitely recommend Hudson Law Firm!!
Mike Youssef
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Extremely happy with my results, the Hudson Law firm did their thing, Ethan made sure he kept me up to date with my case did everything in his power to make sure you get what you deserve and specially making sure you get the help you need with doctors appointment and pain management. 10/10 if you been injured don’t Hesitate to use them extremely happy keep up the good work.
Jana Starks
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I had an awesome experience with Hudson law firm. Everyone at the office is so nice and treated me with respect and concern from day 1. They make you feel welcomed when you go into the office. In the end they were able to get me a check even though I still have a journey ahead they were able to help compensate me for some of my pain and suffering.
Peggy Lawrence
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Very great and understanding people . My whole experience was wonderful .
Jacob Alexander
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They made a bad situation great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that was involved in a car accident.
Alan Gonzales
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This firm I have absolutely nothing negative to say. They did a great job getting what needed to get done and some! I highly recommend with no hesitation
porscha smith
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The whole team was very helpful. They took very good care of me and got me the money I deserve..thank you again for everything
Elijah Mumphery
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They answer whenever i call and they will fight to get you as much as possible their is a call center for after hours, plus they answered all of my questions the hold time is always short I would highly recommend Carrollton Injury Law to anybody.
Lisa Umbarger
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No one wants to deal with the aftermath of an accident, but if you do find yourself in that situation, these folks make the experience so much easier. I felt comfortable with them from my very first meeting. They even had a welcome message for me in their lobby. They are great people to work with and I am happy with the outcome.
Mohammed Merchant
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A law firm like such is hard to find, one that cares for their clients with such passion. I worked with them for almost 2 years. He has always been friendly, professional, helpful, and over all amazing. He was patient with my silly questions. He is beyond paralegal. I will certainly recommend this firm to others,