When do you need a dog bite lawyer?

When you are attacked by a dog without provoking the dog [or intentionally acting hostile towards the dog] and suffer severe injuries as a result, you need a dog bite lawyer. For example, when you are delivering a package for work to someone’s doorstep, you are in a nonthreatening, neutral position, and a giant dog sprints up out of nowhere and attacks you. When you suffer deep bites and loss of blood, which causes you to go to the hospital or causes a remaining scar, this instance warrants a dog bite case, where you would want to hire a lawyer to represent you. Additionally, there is a Statute of Limitations, or expiration date, on your case, which means that the sooner you contact your personal injury lawyer, the more time you will have for your case before it expires.  Information about the dog and its owner needs to be gathered very soon after the dog bite incident.

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