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Joel Hudson

My name is Joel Hudson. I believe there is a better, different way to handle injury claims. I believe the focus should start on treating the person like a person, not a number, and continues throughout the entire claim process with continual client communication and adjuster updates. I have found that the extra client attention we provide, that many other Dallas law firms do not, leads to happier clients, happy adjusters who also appreciate being updated, and much higher injury settlement amounts. I have been practicing personal injury law for nearly 20 years now. I truly understand how an injury can affect a person’s entire life, including that of the injured person’s family. Many of my clients call me the “personal” attorney because of my Firm’s standard of care, not only about maximizing a sizeable injury settlement for our clients in the shortest time possible, but also in helping the client with all the other interruptions in life that result from a car accident or other personal injury. That is why at Hudson Law Firm, we mean it when we say, “We put Personal back into Personal Injury Law.”