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Any unexpected hazard in a walkway can cause someone to fall, including holes in the floor, cords or cables, and blocked sidewalks. On stairways, a slippery surface or the lack of a handrail can put victims in danger of a steep fall. 

Businesses and private homeowners with invited guests can be held liable to the injured person for failing to correct dangerous hazards in a reasonable amount of time or, at a minimum, failing to warn visitors of such dangerous conditions.

Texas Premises Liability Law

Texas law requires owners of public property to ensure that it is reasonably safe. Serious injuries can occur to customers, including renters, on property that: 

  • Has not been adequately maintained
  • Is undergoing construction and remodeling
  • Is in violation of building codes
  • Lacks proper security

We help injured people hold property owners liable by seeking financial compensation for injuries caused by dangerous conditions on their property.

It’s Not Just About Slip and Falls

Premises liability goes beyond slip and fall, although this type of accident is common. We find that oftentimes a landlord or business owner has been warned multiple times about a dangerous condition in need of repair, yet the property owner continues to turn a blind eye until someone gets hurt.

In Texas, visitors may also be able to hold property owners responsible for not providing security or for inadequate security. A violent crime is certainly the fault of the criminal, but business owners may also be partially responsible if they are aware of the danger and do not take steps to prevent it. This is especially the case when there is a history of previous crimes on or near the property, the property is in a “bad area”, or the property has a feature that attracts crime. 

Those injured on someone else’s property due to the owner’s failure to fix a broken gate, provide security officers, or adequately light a parking area can usually file a premises liability claim.

At Carrollton Injury Law, we make property owners liable for injuries to people due to dangerous conditions on their property that the owner knew or should have known about, yet failed to make safe.

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