What Happens if You are Injured in a Car Accident While Using a Rideshare Service?

Person using rideshare phone app

As of 2021, 36% of Americans have used a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. That’s more than double the users in 2015, when only 15% of Americans had used a rideshare service. Unfortunately, with the increase in use comes the increase in injuries related to rideshare services. Fortunately, a personal injury law firm like […]

3 Reasons to See a Doctor After an Accident (with $0 Out of Pocket!)

3 reasons to see a doctor after an accident

https://youtu.be/b–SiWLFEAoVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: 3 Reasons to See a Doctor After an Accident – With $0 Out of Pocket (https://youtu.be/b–SiWLFEAo) If you’ve been in a car accident and you haven’t seen a doctor yet, it’s likely because you think you’re not hurt, or doctors cost too much. But many of our […]

What is the legal following distance behind a school bus?

While on any road or highway, you should maintain at least three car length’s distance between you and the school bus. However, if you are driving at highway speeds, you should increase the distance between you and the school bus. If the bus stops on the road, then you should stop no less than ten […]

Where does traffic ticket money go in Texas?

The money is usually split up between the state’s general fund, crime victims’ compensation unit, trauma and emergency medical services fund, or to the city of county where you received the ticket. However, this all depends on the amount owed and the type of law enforcement that gave you the ticket. If you receive a […]

Are car seats covered by my auto insurance?

Your car seats and booster seats are usually covered by your insurance after any crash or collision. If for some reason, your insurance company is denying car seat or booster seat coverage, talk with the car seat company or manufacturer. Most car seats can be returned and replaced free of charge for up to six […]

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): What Is It, Causes, Type?

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI occurs when the head or body sustains a violent blow or jolt. Traumatic brain injuries can also occur after any object goes through brain tissue, such as a shattered piece of skull or a bullet. Mild traumatic brain injuries can have short term affects as the brain cells are […]

Is an MRI covered by insurance?

Whether or not your MRI is covered by your insurance relies heavily on your insurance and what they deem a medically necessary procedure. If you are having a cosmetic surgery or are trying to improve a worker’s compensation case, your insurance will not cover the procedure, arguing that it is not a medical necessity. However, […]

What is difference between a CT scan and an MRI scan?

CT scans and MRI scans have similar uses but differentiate in internal imaging. CT scans, or CAT scans, are computerized axial tomography, or x-rays of the body. CT scans can be used to find tumors, internal bleeding, bone fractures, and/or cancer development and cancer treatment response. CT scans are less expensive and more common than […]

Which is better, PRP or stem cells?

When comparing the two, you are comparing an established and more advanced form of treatment with an experimental form of treatment. While in practice, they both initiate the body’s reparation response, stem cell therapy goes the extra mile and enhances regeneration of damaged tissue through stem cell activity. Collection of platelets differs for these procedures […]

Does PRP treatment have any side effects?

Usually, with the low-risk treatment of platelet-rick plasma injections, there are less common major side effects. You are having your blood drawn for the procedure, so to prevent feeling lightheaded, you should drink plenty of water and eat before the procedure. It is also common for there to be light bruising or soreness at the […]